Dear Followers, readers, and other lurkers around this blog, I have decided to move some of my activities to my other blog, So now this blog will be a bit less frequent. There’s going to be a whole mix of stuff and exciting events, photos and more at my other blog, and now iansublog.wordpress … More Merged

Work in Progress: NIGHT WARRIORS [Day and Night]

So, I’m working on my latest graphic novel, Day and Night [Formerly called Night Warriors]. Been very quiet around here, I apologize. Want to get more updates? Check this place out: The Ian Su Today It’s going to be a sci-fi story, and I’m doing a lot of it digital this time. Here’s a finished page: It’s going … More Work in Progress: NIGHT WARRIORS [Day and Night]


Hi everyone, Ian here, just wanted to share the very thrilling news that my new novel, A DOORWAY TO MAGIC, has been published and is available for purchase of Amazon now! Thanks to anyone who chooses to purchase this, and even if you choose not to, please share it with your friends! It means a … More A DOORWAY TO MAGIC: Out Today!