The Rookie Announced


After Hostage was released, I wanted to do a second graphic novel. Right now work is in progress on a new graphic novel (For more, go to, my personal home base {Right now you’re on my Artist’s Alley, but please check out my other one}!)

This one is all about (Spoilers ahead) two FBI Homicide Detectives investigating a case of a murder of one of the most famous businessmen in Washington, D.C. Another FBI Agent, a rookie girl, really wants to help out, but she is turned down again and again by the entire FBI- until the entire FBI Organization of agents are in danger and she is the only one left to help…



Dear Followers, readers, and other lurkers around this blog, I have decided to move some of my activities to my other blog, So now this blog will be a bit less frequent. There’s going to be a whole mix of stuff and exciting events, photos and more at my other blog, and now iansublog.wordpress will be used mainly for my comic announcements.


Ian Su

Hostage: From Reference to Page #2


I used a lot of reference for Hostage. Take this for instance. This is at Munich Airport, nine planes lined up for boarding- at the farthest end of the photo is a United Boeing 757, then a US Airways, or United Airlines, 737, then a Lufthansa A320, an Air Canada A330, then a Lufthansa A320, a US Airways A321, a Lufthansa A320, a Lufthansa A330, a Lufthansa A319, then, at last, a Lufthansa A340.

Now, to hide my theft from this picture a bit, I tweaked the planes a little. The panel was not what I was expecting, but who really cared?

planes  Yeah, that big 747 in the middle is a Korean Air. Don’t know why I did that.