Off-Topic: Acadia National Park

Some of you may know I'm off on vacation to Maine, to a place called Acadia national Park. Here's how that went. P.S. No, we did not get stranded on Bar Island. That would have been a bit drastic, though people have gotten stranded there before.


Hostage: Dial P for President

The president?! What in the world of comics is the President of the U.S. doing in a crime/thriller novel? It doesn't make sense. But when the President is in Newark on business, and there happens to be hitmen in that area, it's kinda hard not to get him involved.  

Hostage: Dial O for Olav

Olav Kortaz is a Korean Warrior and Vincent's accomplice-in-crime. He has a bag full of dirty weapons and tricks, mainly the laser shurikens, ninja firearms that target people or objects with a computer and lock on them. He seems to do everything casually, but underneath he is planning for his latest job yet.

Hostage: Dial M for Munich

The precise German setting revealed: the city of Munich! The third largest city in Germany, Munich gets into chaos when Vincent and Olav attempt to kidnap the millionaire they're after. News starts screaming headlines, crazy rumors start spreading, German police are on sharp lookout on Metro stations, Boulevards, parks, and more places, shops start closing …

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