Software For Comic Book Creating

Using computer software will make it way easier to structure your work and will also speed up the process. Here are my top 10 software for comic creating.

10. Google Docs

I use Google Drive and Docs for  many reasons. One of them is that I can access it from anywhere, anytime (As long as I have Wi-Fi). I write my scripts with Docs, sending it to my friends for suggestions. 

Note: You must have a Google Account to use Drive.


9. OneNote

I use this for writing down ideas. I can also save it for viewing on all devices. Also, I can draw things on the screen.


8. PowerPoint

Again, doesn’t matter which version you use. I use PowerPoint 2016 and like to use it to add dialogue to my comics.


7. OneDrive

I find OneDrive very useful for storing reference pictures. It can also be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Note: You must have a Microsoft Account in order to use OneDrive.


6. Word

I also use Word for writing scripts. It is very handy because I can enter headers and find my way around easily. Also, I can download my own fonts if I want to write novels.


5. Grammarly

Grammarly is useful for proofreading documents. you can copy big files and let Grammarly make sure your typos are on vacation.


4. WordPress

Yes, WordPress is also a tool! Though it is not a software, I use it for blogging on my comics. This way people can see what I’m up to with my work. I also use it for getting the word out about my YouTube videos.

Note: You must have a WordPress Profile to start a website.


3.  YouTube

This is not a software either, but I find it cool to upload time-lapse inking or sketching videos. I also upload advice videos and how to draw videos.


2. Synology

I use Synology to transfer files between my devices. Of course I can also keep them in the folder for viewing on all devices.


1. Photoshop

Photoshop is a very handy software I have on hand. doesn’t matter how old the version is. I use Photoshop CS5.1 and find that it is useful for post-processing pictures for my website, and also for coloring graphic novels.






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