The Lone Micron

After the inking for NIGHT WARRIORS: Part 1 was finished, my desk is empty. Except for the black micron pen who got left behind... #thelonemicron



Hey everybody, it's Ian here- thanks for all of your support during this series; I just wanted to spread the news that the finale of Nick Curry (Not yet published) lands February 1st. Keep a look out and watch this space! 🙂

New Videos!

Hey friends, I have a new series of videos, the Nick Curry Designer Videos, hosted exclusively at and my YouTube Channel! Be sure to check that out, and also stay tuned for issue #3 of the series, arriving early December! Thanks so much for all your support. Ian

Reviews: The Rookie

Reviews for The Rookie with courtesy from Mr. Rex, Mrs. Ann, and Miss Yao Mian. For more, go to my other post on my other and more frequent blog,  (You're currently on my comics blog, The Artist's Alley). The very last scene was very sweet and touching! -Rex “I love the perspectives of people drawing, as usual. I …

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