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Hostage is a 41-paged graphic novel that Ian Su released in the U.S. in July of 2017.

Two hitmen have been hired by an infamous crime boss to kidnap a German millionaire. This seems very easy for two veteran killers-until they find the whole country out for their blood. Still, rebellious Vincent Guliotte and his Korean partner Olav Kortaz shoot their way out of several narrow escapes. But bumps and shudders come across life every day, and it gradually gets harder to smuggle the kidnapped millionaire to the man who hired them…


Press for Hostage:

“Hostage is an amazing read with exceptional artwork. Ian Su has great raw talent with the mind of an artist. He combines his passion for the things around him and imagines a world yet lived but believable in every page. Its an immediate dive into the story, a graphic novel not to be missed.” – Wieszcz