For Hostage- a Graphic Novel:

“Hostage is an amazing read with exceptional artwork. Ian Su has great raw talent with the mind of an artist. He combines his passion for the things around him and imagines a world yet lived but believable in every page. Its an immediate dive into the story, a graphic novel not to be missed.”

– Wieszcz

For The Rookie- a Graphic Novel:

“Good job on the story line. The very last scene was very sweet and touching!”

– Rex

“I love the perspectives of people drawing, as usual. I like it that though Olivia is a girl and a rookie, she was the one who helped in the end!”


“The story line is so interesting, I can’t believe Olivia has such a super power!”

-Yao Mian


-Ng Lee Choo

“Love the opening scene and some of the details on drawing. It’s another wonderful production!”