Hostage: Dial T for Toll

Halfway through a hot police chase in New York City, Vincent spots a Toll Checkpoint into Verrazano Bridge, thus getting worried. Jacques has no problem with it, though...


Hostage: Dial N for New York

Vincent and Olav have a nasty ride to New York on a stolen Lufthansa A340 tailed by dozens of missiles and two German War Jets. They finally meet Jacques and drive off, only to find themselves chased by the police again... I drew this picture using this reference:

Hostage: Dial J for Jacques

Let's dig deeper into the world of Jacques Stiletto, and beyond what we already know- money was tight, and he was wanted in seven continents. Jacques is from Austria, Europe, but this is not mentioned in Hostage. He made everyone- including hitmen- shudder in fear in his presence, like if they stared at him they would be cursed (This is mentioned …

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